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New progress in developing multi-functional hydrogel dressing from Baolin Guo’s research group in FIST
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Serious skin defect will severely affect people's life and health. Wounds, especially the extensive full-thickness wounds, need to take a long time to repair, and both acute and chronic wounds have always been a major clinical problem. Thus, a wound dressing, as barrier, that ideally meets the demands of rapid wound closure, promoting wound healing and reducing scar formation is highly needed. Nowadays, injectable hydrogel dressings have drawn much attentions of researchers for their unique advantages. However, most injectable hydrogels without robust elasticity may experience certain deformation or damage caused by external mechanical force after application onto the wound site. The disruption can shorten the lifespan of the hydrogels, cause infection, and further induce inflammatory responses. Besides, the developed injectable hydrogel dressings just possess single biological activity, limiting the dressings’ multiple ways to promote wound healing.
Nowadays, Professor Baolin Guo's research group in FIST, Xi'an Jiaotong University cooperated with Professor Yusheng Qiu's research group in College of Medicine, Xi'an Jiaotong University. They used quaternized chitosan-g-polyaniline (QCSP), which was synthesized by Professor Guo's group previously, to provide electroactivity, antibacterial activity, antioxidant activity and hemostasis, and used benzaldehyde group functionalized poly(ethylene glycol)-co-poly(glycerol sebacate) (PEGS-FA) as crosslinker to crosslink QCSP via dynamic chemical bond. Then, they reported the injectable hydrogel wound dressing simultaneously possessing self-healing and high adhesiveness for the first time. The hydrogel's in situ gelation property and tissue adhesiveness can closure wound in any shapes rapidly, adhere to the wound tissue as physical barrier and mimic the moist skin environment. Besides, the hydrogel's hemostasis and antibacterial activity can stop the blood bleeding and prevent wound from infection. At last, the combination of chitosan's promoting wounding healing ability and polyaniline's electroactivity and antioxidant ability synergistically accelerate the full-thickness skin wound healing process via multiple ways. Thus, this injectable hydrogel, as bioactive dressing, show huge potential in wound healing applications.
The above research results were published in leading internationally journal of Biomaterials (IF=8.3787) in the form of article. The title is “Antibacterial anti-oxidant electroactive injectable hydrogel as self-healing wound dressing with hemostasis and adhesiveness for cutaneous wound healing”. PhD student Xin Zhao from FIST Xi'an Jiaotong University and PhD student Hao Wu from College of Medicine Xi'an Jiaotong University were the co-first authors of this paper, and FIST Xi'an Jiaotong University was the correspondent unit。
Article link is http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0142961217300194.
National Natural Science Foundation of China (grant number: 21304073 and 51673155) and Xi’an Jiaotong University’s financial support were acknowledged.
Professor Baolin Guo’s group engages in the research of biomedical polymer materials, such as biodegradable hydrogels, biodegradable conductive polymer materials, the preparation of biodegradable porous polymer scaffolds, drug controlled release system and etc. Welcome students from relevant departments.
Homepage of Baolin Guo’s research group: http://gr.xjtu.edu.cn/web/baoling.
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