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FIST First Construction Field
Chair Professors
Research Centers
  • Materials Science
  • MMRC (Adjunct Professor: Xiaobing REN)
  • CMS (Adjunct Professor: Yunzhi WANG)
  • Chemistry
  • CACR
  • CMC (Adjunct Professor: Yadong YIN)
  • COC (Adjunct Professor: being recruiting)
  • Life Science
  • CBERM (Adjunct Professor: Xiaolong MA)
  • CND (Adjunct Professor: Min ZHUO)
  • CMBM (Adjunct Professor: Jiankang LIU)
  • CTM
  • Physics
  • MPC (Adjunct Professor: Ju LI)
FIST Construction Field Ⅱ
Research Center


【Frontier Seminar】Prof. Weibo Cai‘s Talk Information Speaker:Prof. Weibo Cai University of Wisconsin - Madison, USA Title:Molecular Imaging……


[Frontier Seminar] Prof.Yu Huang's Talk Information Speaker:Prof.Yu Huang Department of Materials Science and Engineering University of Cal……


[Frontier Seminar] Prof. Xiangfeng Duan's Talk Information Speaker:Prof.Xiangfeng Duan Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry University of Califo……
[Frontier Seminar] Prof. Franklin (Feng) Tao's Talk Information [2016-11-21 ]
[Frontier Seminar] Prof. Philippe G. LeFloch's Talk Information [2016-05-12 ]
[Frontier Seminar] Prof. Peter X. Ma's Talk Information [2016-05-11 ]
[Frontier Seminar] Prof. Robert E. Maleczka's Talk Information [2016-04-22 ]
[Frontier Seminar] Prof. Min Zhuo's Talk Information [2016-04-18 ]
[Frontier Seminar] Prof. Richard Winpenny's Talk Information [2016-04-05 ]
[Frontier Seminar] Dr. Ed Gerstner's Talk Information [2015-12-17 ]
[Frontier Seminar] Prof. Peter X. Ma's Talk [2015-12-16 ]
[Frontier Seminar] Prof. Hiroki OSHIO's Talk Information [2015-11-26 ]
Jiayuan LI Published a Paper on Advanced Functional Materials Recently, Dr. Yongquan Qu, Dr. Yuanyuan Ma from Center for Applied Chemical Research(CACR) of Frontier I……
Chaoqi WANG Published a Paper on Nano Letters A new approach by Mingshang Jin’s research group at Xi&rsquo……
Yaobin WU and Ling WANG Published a Paper on Biomaterials Mimicking native functional dynamics for traditional biomaterials such as thermoset elastomers ……
Weipeng CHEN Published a paper on Angewandte Chemie International Edition [2016-07-06 ]
Kai LIU Published a paper on Nano Letters [2016-06-03 ]
Zhenni WANG Published a paper on ACS Nano [2016-04-14 ]
Hua WANG Published a paper on Nano Energy [2016-03-10 ]
Sai ZHANG Published a paper on J. Am. Chem. Soc. [2016-03-07 ]
Yaobin WU、Ling WANG Published a paper on Biomaterials [2016-02-17 ]
Xuefeng CONG published a paper on J. Am. Chem. Soc. [2015-11-30 ]
Bin RAO Published a paper on Angewandte Chemie International Edition [2015-10-26 ]
Xiaobing REN

Prof. Ren is an internationally renowned scientist in the area of smart/functional materials. He has a broad interest from shape memory alloys, ferroelectric/piezoelectric materials, magnetic/magnetostrictive materials, to magnetoelectric materials. These different ferroic materials traditionally belong to different research communities and there has been little interaction ......

Pengfei LI Professor of the Laboratory of Bioactive Small Molecules Dr. Pengfei Li received his Ph.D. degree from Heidelberg University, Germany and worked as a postdoctoral fellow at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. His current research interests are centered on 1) development of catalytic reactions for efficient construction of functionalized molecules, 2) synthesis of bioactive natural products and 3) preparation and application of organoboron reagents
Yunzhi WANG

Prof. Wang is an internationally recognized expert on fundamental and applied research in the field of computational materials modeling. He is at the forefront in the development and application of the phase field theory and modeling techniques to phase transformations, interdiffusion, grain growth, and dislocation processes in materials. The phase field approach has achieved......


Prof. Li is the adjunct professor of Xi'an Jiaotong University, Yangtze River Scholar Professor and tenured Professor of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He is a world-renowned expert on materials simulation from atomic and electronic level. His publication has been cited more than 12500 times, H-index is 59. He received the Presidential Early Career Award ......

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