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Jiayuan LI Published a Paper on Advanced Functional Materials
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 Recently, Dr. Yongquan Qu, Dr. Yuanyuan Ma from Center for Applied Chemical Research(CACR) of Frontier Institute of Science and Technology and Dr. Chun-Ran Chang from School of Chemical Engineering and Technology reported the mechanistic understandings on the ternary Ni2-xCoxP for hydrogen evolution and the catalytic behaviors of ternary Ni2-xCoxP/rGO as bifunctional catalysts for overall water electrolysis. This work was published in Advanced Functional Materials (impact factor: 11.382) with a title of " Mechanistic insights on ternary Ni2-xCoxP for hydrogen evolution and their hybrids with graphene as highly efficient and robust catalysts for overall water-splitting"  

Searching the high-efficient, stable and earth-abundant electrocatalysts to replace the precious noble metals holds the promise for practical utilizations of hydrogen and oxygen evolution reactions (HER and OER). Herein, Co-doping in Ni2P and their hybridization with rGO effectively regulate the catalytic activity of the surface active sites, accelerate the charge transfer and boost their superior catalytic activity. Density functional theory calculations show that the Co-doped catalysts deliver the moderate trapping of atomic hydrogen and facile desorption of the generated H2 due to the H-poisoned surface active sites of NiCoP under the real catalytic process. Coupled with the remarkable and robust OER activity of the NiCoP/rGO hybrids, bifunctional NiCoP/rGO||NiCoP/rGO for overall water splitting yields a catalytic current density of 10 mA/cm2 at 1.59 V over 75 hours without an obvious degradation in a two-electrode configuration and 1.0 M KOH.

We acknowledge the financial support from a National Natural Science Foundation of China Grant 21401148, 21201138, 21543005 and the National 1000-Plan program.


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